Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Comparison of Train Services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Comparison of Train Services - Essay Example In terms of demographics all the train services that are being analysed here, do their best to appeal to particular target customer groups based on the types of service that they offer to their clientele. Virgin Trains attract and appeal to a very up class clientele for its first class travel. Virgin Trains is by far the most expensive train service of the three that has been analysed here and therefore the demographic group that they appeal to are those that are economically well off and business travelers - as their first class passage rates are very high. National Express and the East Midlands Train lines (even though they use Virgin Trains), appeal to clients with a more economical view and therefore the demographic group that is attracted to these services are the middle class and lower middle class travelers ("MIDLAND: Take the Financial", 2006). In terms of geographical spread of the trains, the National Express Lines have the widest spread. ... On the contrary it tries to make the highest possible profit by increasing passenger numbers and providing services to the largest customer group within its area of operation (Gardiner & Matthews, 2000). In terms of psychology the three different train services uses different psychologies of the customers to appeal to them and to attract them to the respective services. In the case of Virgin Trains the psychology that is used is one of luxury and advertising, promotions as well as the first class carriages in terms of physical appearance and ambience projects an image of class as well as luxury (Cruddas, 2007). This is not to say that the first class services with the other train services do not project an image of luxury, but rather to say that they lag behind that of the Virgin Trains and therefore appeal to clients who want economy as well as luxury and are not willing to pay "top dollar" just for the sake of luxury. In terms of client behaviour, it can be stated that it goes with the territory, Virgin Trains attracts a very up-class segment of customers and therefore the manner in which they behave is very much more different than those seen in the first class service of National Express ("National Express to Change", 2007). This is because as stated in the previous sections the customers who travel in the first class carriages of the other train services are more money conscious than those traveling in the Virgin Trains. Also many politician, high ranking government servants as well are seen traveling in the Virgin Trains as opposed to the other train services ("We've Made Train Services More", 2007). Pricing Strategy Now that the author has looked at the segmentation methods that have been used by

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