Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Lucky Years By David Agus - 2308 Words

Do People Actually Care If We Live in the Lucky Years? â€Å"The Lucky Years.† That is the title of world-renowned oncologist Dr. David Agus’s latest book and the phrase he coined to describe today’s era of medicine. In the midst of a scientific and technological Renaissance, Dr. Agus attempts to captivate and inform his audience of how these upcoming years will drastically change the world of health. He promises that his book will â€Å"[give] you the keys to a new kingdom of wellness.† He tells his readers that the world of being able to edit their own DNA, losing weight without dieting, and using their own immune systems to battle cancer is much closer than they think. Having the honor of attending one of Dr. Agus’ lectures, I learned that he wrote the The Lucky Years to expand his medical reach across a large number of people. It acts as a paper extension of himself, since he is unable to reach every patient in person. Many health experts, just like Agus, write books and articles for widespread publ ications in hopes of increasing the general public’s knowledge of the medical world; however, while Dr. Agus’ intentions for his book are optimistic, does he actually grab the attention of a wide audience? More importantly, will this book increase his audience’s health literacy levels to a point where they can utilize the Lucky Years like he states? The goal for Dr. Agus’ book is to increase his audience’s health knowledge, specifically health literacy. The most common

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